January - April 2011 News

Well the last several months have been fast and furious. We've horsed around a good bit, and travelled a good bit with friends and family. It really is okay to leave the horses at home. In fact it’s more than okay, it’s healthy as heck! It’s taken us a while to get used to our freedom. We are blessed to have wonderful clients and wonderful help that support each other’s lifestyles.

Likewise, it has been very rewarding to have the new owners of Bally Whatnot and Dipnsnuff tell us repeatedly how much they love those two horses we sold to them. They're both having successful seasons. It appears that both have found their match. It truly is fun to see the smiles.

Our event season has been very fun. We spent the beginning of it down in Florida and now back in Area V for their last few events. Pine Hill was our latest event and amongst other things, we had 3 second place finishes on our team. We were certainly glad to be at that event and support Ruth during her tough time of losing her husband Phil. They are the owners and organizers of this fine event.

We were all sad to miss Bobby and Tracy's event at Holly Hill this year. Pharview did have just one rider represent the team up there. We've never missed that event since we moved to Louisiana. Wow! I guess there were just too many exciting things going on at the same time.

We head to Greenwood in a couple of weeks and this one is another of our favorite events. They have the big Young Rider dinner/auction fundraiser Saturday night and we'll be there with bells on. Good luck to all!

I guess our friend Karen O'Connor had some bad luck at Badminton this year. That was too bad. As she would say with her phenomenal attitude, "It is what it is". She has already moved on to Kentucky with Quintus 54 to take on that 4* course. Let’s hope she kicks tail there. She and Hannah on St. Barths will be taking on a large field of the best in the world. Go team OCET!

Our jockey Lauren Kieffer, who is also the head rider for OCET, has a few nice young horses running this season. Amongst others, she has Pharview's very own Czechmate. He's a five year old that is coming along nicely. Lauren is undoubtedly the best at bringing those youngsters along and she truly enjoys it. She is one of those young riders that we at Pharview really appreciate. A positive attitude and a fantastic jockey.

The Winter and Spring seasons allowed us to meet many more new and interesting people. One of which is a lovely lady from London and she insisted that we stay in one of her homes during the 2012 Olympics. It overlooks the main stadium.
“Jeez, I don't know, let me think.”

Big CONGRATULATIONS to our friend David O'Connor for being named the US coach. He takes over after the 2012 Olympics. Go USA! We all know this is a great thing for our sport.

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