May – July 2011

We were sad to receive the phone call that a great friend and mentor had passed away. Jackie High was a first class citizen. She helped many of us in many different ways. She did so in her quiet and gentle demeanor. Never looking for one little bit of credit. You surely will be missed, Jackie
On a more upbeat note..a little push from my friends, I've been witnessed whipping up a healthy, gourmet meal or two. That was one of many awesome experiences I've had this summer. A month in Aussie land with my family was long overdue. How could I have let life pass me by like that! Those Aussie's really have it going on...surfing, hiking, horses, wine, food, the list goes on. And they're known to do it all in the same day.
Some of our riders managed to fit in an event or two this summer. Others were out adventuring with their families. Our own son has been fortunate enough to have spent his whole summer gone. The latter part, living and riding up in Virginia with the O'Connor's. He's really being kindly tortured and learning the importance of very correct riding. He's heard enough of that from his parents. It's their turn! He has jumped his fair share of 3' courses with no bridle and no stirrups. Not to mention on his very own, young mare. That'll tell a parent how serious their kid is about the sport. We shall all see at the end of summer. I take my hat off to OCET. Over the years, they have been a huge part of helping us raise a fine young man.
The American Eventing Championships are around the corner. Seven of our nine event riders are qualified. How exciting! Congratulations on your successful spring season.

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